Thursday, 12 July 2018


I saw this very poorly-looking juvenile Blackbird today near the station. It didn't move when people passed within half a metre of it and it won't survive long I'm sure. Insect and earthworm food is very hard to come by in such hot, dry conditions.
At the station there was the empty pupal case of a ladybird - probably a Harlequin.

Monday, 9 July 2018


Another rather disappointing haul this morning:
Mint Moth 1
Dark Arches 1
Silver Y 2
Rustic/Uncertain 2
Coronet 1
and a couple of micros - one of the Ermines and a Bee Moth which feeds on the comb in wasp and bee nests.

Also a Harlequin Ladybird in the trap.

Silver Y

Bee Moth


Dark Arches

Mint Moth
Ermine sp.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

St Andrews Park!

A tour around the meadow area and pond produced lots of Azure Damselflies, a Ringlet and several Small White butterflies, a Cluster Fly, a Leaf-cutter Bee, lots of Honey Bees and a Tree Bumblebee. A couple of Coal Tits were singing nearby.
Cluster Fly


Small White

Azure Damselfly

Leaf-cutter Bee

Friday, 6 July 2018


The trap produced the following:
Swallow-tail 1
Garden Carpet 1
Bright-line Brown-eye 1
Purple Thorn 1 - new species!
Silver Y 1
Coronet 1
Riband Wave 1
Double-striped Pug 1

Garden Carpet

Silver Y
Deraeocoris flavilinea

Bright-line Brown-eye

Purple Thorn

Double-striped Pug

Riband Wave

There was also a bug in the trap - turns out it is a plant bug called Deraeocoris flavilinia which only arrived in the UK in 1996 but is now common.

Later I saw a huge queen Tree Bumblebee in the flat.
Tree Bumblebee

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Hornet Hoverfly!

My first Hornet Hoverfly Volucella zonaria of the year was sat on the wall near the tunnel this morning. On the opposite platform were a few Small White butterflies, a Large White and a probable Meadow Brown. A Blackcap was calling from the trees. As my train stopped at Narroways I was able to admire the Rosebay Willowherb along the track.
Volucella zonaria

Small White

Rosebay Willowherb

This afternoon in Portland Square a rather worn Ringlet butterfly was sat on a step. It must have come from St Pauls Park I think.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Fox that got away!

I wandered down to the tunnel while waiting for my train and noticed a Fox lying down near the track. I fumbled for my camera and was just about to take a shot when the train to Avonmouth came through the tunnel and scared him off! Despite waiting 5 minutes I didn't see the Fox again.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Montpelier Station!

This morning I ventured west of the main platform, behind the houses on Station Road and along the railway track towards the residents' car park. I rarely go there as I suspect I might be trespassing and worry someone will call the police - 'strange man with binoculars outside the house' etc. But as it happened nobody batted an eyelid and I was able to look at the vegetation the other side of the fence alongside the track. I was amazed to see about 8 spikes of Ivy Broomrape - fantastic! The single lonely spike I saw a week or so ago was just the tip of the iceberg. I was also pleased to see Perforate St John's-wort in flower here - a plant that is common enough towards Stapleton Road and Lawrence Hill but scarce at Montpelier. Also an Evening-primrose in flower. A Red-tailed Bumblebee was on the St John's-wort but I couldn't get a decent shot. A Blackcap was singing very loudly nearby. A Tree Bumblebee and a Buff-tailed Bumblebee were also seen along Station Road.
Ivy Broomrape

Ivy Broomrape


Perforate St John's-wort