Monday, 30 December 2013

St Andrews Park

Birds in the park this afternoon included a Pied Wagtail, 2 or 3 Blackbirds, half a dozen Redwings and a few Goldfinches. The dead wood habitat had some Velvet Shank fungus on it and probable Chondrostereum purpureum - a bracket fungus.
Velvet Shank
Probable Chondrostereum purpureum

In Montpelier there were at least 10 Starlings in and around the station along with several Chaffinches and Goldfinches near the feeders.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

All quiet....

Along the path between the top of St Andrews Road and Fairlawn Road this afternoon there were about 10 Redwings flying about plus 2 Jays, a party of Great and Blue Tits and 5 Greenfinches.
St Andrews Park produced a few Goldfinches and Greenfinches, several House Sparrows and a Pied Wagtail.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Montpelier Station

The station has been quiet this week, but today there was a female type Blackcap on the feeders and a single Starling as well as the usual Chaffinches, House Sparrows and Goldfinches.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

St Paul's Park

Nothing much to report in the park other than a singing Greenfinch, a couple of Goldfinches, 2 Blue Tits, a pair of Blackbirds and a Robin or two. A Pied Wagtail flew over.

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Today on the reserve: 2 Ravens on the church tower, 1 Coal Tit in the conifer next to the climbing centre, 2 Redwings in Church Field, a party of Long Tailed Tits (about 8 or 9) plus Blue and Great Tits feeding with a single Goldcrest plus 1 Jay and female Chaffinch and 1 Mistle Thrush flying over the Stony path.
In St Andrews Park, half a dozen Redwings, 2 Pied Wagtails, a few Starlings plus singles of Dunnock, Robin, Blackbird,  a few Goldfinches and 2 Greenfinches

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

St Pauls Park

The park has failed to produce many good birds in recent weeks and sadly today was no exception. The only birds of note were a Mistle Thrush and a Pied Wagtail flying over, a couple of Blue Tits and 2 Chaffinches.

A Grey Squirrel also present.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Redwings and Blackcaps

Quite a bit of activity today from the top of St Andrews Road to Fairlawn Road. In one tree alone there were 2 Blackcaps (male and female), 5 Chaffinches, 2 Greenfinches and a couple of Blue Tits. Nearby were a Long-tailed Tit, a singing Coal Tit, a Great Tit and 2 Jays. A group of 11 Redwings flew over.

At the station there were a further 10 Redwings (or possibly the same group), a Long-tailed Tit, Blue and Great Tit and a few Goldfinches and Chaffinches on the feeders with House Sparrows.

Not much at St Andrews Park other than 12 Starlings, 5 Goldfinches, a Dunnock or 2 and a Robin.