Sunday, 12 August 2012

More bloomin' hoverflies

Fairlawn Road produced some more hoverflies this afternoon. I was able to clinch the ID of at least 1 Eristalis arbustorum having today studied the main diagnostic features. I really must get a life. Also a couple of Helophilus Pendulus hoverflies and a Large White butterfly enjoying the sunshine. A Chiffchaff also calling.

Eristalis arbustorum
St Andrews Park failed to deliver much apart from a calling Coal Tit and Montpelier Station produced just a Jay and a Grey Squirrel.

I discovered much more Stone Parsley growing near the Royal Mail office today - it now grows along much of the fencing around the Colston Girls School car park and is much more conspicuous now it is in flower. Another Grey Squirrel was on the roof of the RM office!

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