Sunday, 18 November 2012

Singing Chiffchaff chuffed chuffed

A singing Chiffchaff at the station this morning, showing briefly. This is the latest I have ever heard one sing, as they should either have migrated by now or if staying, over-wintering birds do not normally sing. Also a fly-over Raven, 10 Long-tailed Tits and a few Blue and Great Tits. Nearby in the Colston Girl's School car park, 6 Magpies and a Jay were noisily mobbing a Grey Squirrel.


Grey Squirrel
At Fairlawn Road a female Dark Bush-cricket was basking in the sun and 3 Green Shield Bugs were nearby.

Dark Bush-cricket
In St Andrews Road, the ivy-covered wall attracted a couple of Honey Bees, a few Common Wasps, a Marmalade Hoverfly and several Eristalis hoverflies.

The monthly bird walk in St Andrews Park produced:

Chaffinch - a few flying over or seen in the trees
Greenfinch - 1 or 2 flying over
Goldfinch - a small group seen
Robin - several birds around, at least 1 seen well and vigorous song heard
Wren - 1 near the toilets. We don't always see or hear this species.
Coal Tit - 2 were seen well, feeding in the trees
Blue Tit - 4 or 5 seen
Great Tit - 2 or 3 seen or heard
Carrion Crow - a few
Magpie - plenty of birds throwing their weight around
Woodpigeon - several
Blackbird - 6 or 7 seen - back with a vengeance after a couple of months of scarcity in the park
Dunnock - at least 1 bird near the pond
Mistle Thrush - seen feeding on the grass

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