Saturday, 9 February 2013

Blackcaps, Bullfinches and Black-headed Gulls

At least 3 Blackcaps on the patch today - a female in the garden (along with a Blackbird, Dunnock and a party of Great and Blue Tits) and a pair at the station, the male giving brief bursts of song. Also at the station a Bullfinch heard singing but not seen, a Coal Tit, 4 Goldfinches, 5 Greenfinches, several Chaffinches, half a dozen Starlings and a Robin. A gaggle of House Sparrows showed well in St Andrews Road.
Female Blackcap
House Sparrow

A Black-headed Gull was in St Andrews Park - a bit of a rarity on the patch - along with a Herring Gull, a Coal Tit, a single Fieldfare, 15 or so Starlings, several Goldfinches, Chaffinches and Greenfinches and a Pied Wagtail.
Black-headed Gull
Fieldfare (and Greenfinch)

At Fairlawn Road, the Holly tree showed evidence of the Holly Leaf Gall Fly Phytomyza ilicis.
Phytomyza ilicis

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