Monday, 20 April 2015

Montpelier Park

Half an hour in the park this morning produced a pair of Blackcaps, a Coal Tit, a Woodpigeon and a Blackbird carrying a beakful of worms so no doubt feeding young. At least 1 Grey Squirrel was seen.

Insects in the park included a Bee Fly, a Syrphus hoverfly, a Common Carder Bee, and my first Small White butterfly of the year. There was also a tantalising glimpse of what I think was a Red Mason Bee - the only photo I was able to take was a poor one as it didn't hang about.
Spot the Red Mason Bee

Common Carder Bee

Bee Fly

Syrphus hoverfly

There was a Speckled Wood butterfly in Station Road and the station itself produced another Syrphus hoverfly and a Green-veined White butterfly. A Blackcap was also singing.

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