Sunday, 15 November 2015

St Andrews Park bird walk

Well, we turned up but the birds didn't! We finished with one of the lowest bird counts ever, but luckily we had both fungi and invertebrate experts among our number so there was something else to look at. The complete list, for what it's worth:
Woodpigeon - very hard to find until the end of the walk when a few were seen
Feral Pigeon - several seen
Magpie - one or two
Crow - a couple
Jay - one near the pond
Wren - one heard near the children's play area
Blue Tit - one near the pond
Great Tit - one near the toilets
Goldfinch - three or four fly-over birds
Herring Gull - a couple drifting overhead
Pied Wagtail - heard several times
Starling - just one!
Blackbird - not sure it counts as it was heard half an hour after the walk finished!

The fungi included Exidia nucleata, Bjerkandera adusta and Exidia glandulosa.
Bjerkandera adusta

There were also several tiny Millipedes.

Another Coal Tit and a Great Tit in the garden today.

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