Sunday, 13 December 2015

St Andrews Park

The mild and overcast conditions meant that our Christmas walk wasn't very Christmassy, but there were plenty of birds. The full list is as follows:

Robin - a few seen and heard
Blackbird - 4 or 5 seen
Wren - 1 or 2 in song and 2 seen in a front garden across the road
Redwing - 2 or 3 seen
Starling - a group of up to 10 seen in the 'starling tree'.
Feral Pigeon - a flock of 12 in the children's play area.
Woodpigeon - 5 or 6 around the park
Goldfinch - lots around, many feeding in the plane trees
Greenfinch - a couple seen
Chaffinch - a few around, both males and females
Blue Tit - several seen
Great Tit - 1 heard
Coal Tit - 1 seen by Jon
Long-tailed Tit - a couple of groups of feeding birds seen
Goldcrest - 2 seen
House Sparrow - 2 or 3 in the play area
Carrion Crow - a few around
Magpie - a couple seen
Herring Gull - 2 in the play area

Feral Pigeons

Herring Gull


Some Snowdrops were coming into flower in the park.

In Montpelier Station there were a few Starlings, Chaffinches and House Sparrows around, plus a tiny micro-moth and a leaf-mine, neither of which I've been able to ID as yet.

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