Sunday, 21 February 2016

St Andrews Park

Despite the wild wind and drizzle a few hardy souls turned up for this walk. There was a surprising amount of bird song despite the conditions and at least it was mild. The list in full:
Redwing - a count of 15 birds by one participant was very impressive
Starling - a mini-murmuration of 40 birds
Blackbird - a few
Dunnock - 1 or 2 heard
Blue Tit - seen by one of us
Great Tit - 1 by the bowling green
Long-tailed Tit - seen on 2 occasions
Coal Tit - heard and seen in a neighbouring garden
Chaffinch - just 2 or 3 seen
Goldfinch - several seen and heard
Greenfinch - 1 in full song
Carrion Crow - several around
Feral Pigeon - 1 or 2 near the play area
Woodpigeon - a few
Magpie - 2 or 3
Robin - a few seen and heard
Herring Gull - 1 or 2 drifting over
House Sparrow - just 1 male noted

Quite a bit of Frogspawn was in the pond.

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