Sunday, 22 May 2016


An hour or so on the reserve at lunchtime produced a singing Song Thrush near the Boiling Wells entrance, a Chiffchaff along the stony path and a Blackcap on the cutting. Long-tailed Tits were calling near the Ashley Hill entrance.

Insects included an Azure Damselfly, a couple of Andrena sp. mining bees, lots of Thick-thighed Flower Beetles, hoverflies including a Cheilosia sp. and an Eupeodes sp. plus Buff-tailed and Common Carder Bumblebees. A micro-moth Celypha lacunana was sat on a leaf. Also a Wolf Spider and a Nursery-web Spider.
Celypha lacunana

Azure Damselfly


Sweet Woodruff

A patch of Sweet Woodruff near Boiling Wells was presumably a garden escape.

Back in Montpelier, an Ashy Mining Bee was visiting flowers in Fairlawn Road and a Blue Tit was visiting my nest box hurrah!
Ashy Mining Bee

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