Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Montpelier Park!

This morning some rather flighty insects in the park so photographing them was somewhat difficult! My first Leaf-cutter Bee of the year was feeding on the bramble flowers and a Helophilus pendulus hoverfly was basking on a leaf nearby (sadly flew off before I could shoot it). Another frustration was not being able to photograph an attractive black and yellow Ichneumon. Several Honey Bees were busily feeding in the park.

Leaf-cutter Bee

The railings at the back of the park were festooned with Black Bryony - haven't noticed this plant here before!
Black Bryony

Birds included a Jay, 2 Woodpigeons and a female Blackbird.
A Speckled Wood butterfly was seen from the train while it stopped briefly (well, not that briefly) at Narroways.

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