Friday, 16 March 2018


A couple of hours on Narroways this morning produced 2 Ravens at the nest - one looks like it's sitting on eggs! Also a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew calling over the cutting from the ash wood towards the orchard. At Boiling Wells a singing Song Thrush and Greenfinch plus a courting pair of Dunnocks. Near the Ashley Hill end of the stony path there was a party of 2 Great Tits, 2 Blue Tits and 5 Long-tailed Tits. Plenty of Robins around. A pair of Jays in the Ash Wood. On Steve's reptile mats there were a couple of displaying Sepsid flies (also called Ensign flies - they are fond of human and animal waste!) but sadly no lizards today.


Raven on nest

Sepsid flies

In Montpelier I was very pleased to see my first hoverflies of the year - 2 Eristalis tenax on Dandelion. In Ashley Court Road a Jay was sat in a tree calling, mimicking a Buzzard!
Eristalis tenax

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