Sunday, 17 June 2012

Montpelier Station

Cinnabar Moth that flew past the platform but disappeared from view so couldn't be photographed. The only butterflies of note were Large and Small Whites. What looked like another colour form of Merodon equestris (var. validus)  was sat on a leaf - each colour-form of this hoverfly mimic specific bee species, this one resembles a Red-tailed Bumble Bee. Amazing. Despite looking nothing like the ones i saw a couple of days ago in St Andrews Park and St Werburghs, the wing venation points to this species.

Merodon equestris var. validus
Two or three Oedemera nobilis beetles were seen along with a Rose Chafer and a few Tree Bumble Bees. I think a woodlouse crawling up the wall on the platform might be a Pill Woodlouse.The Chiffchaff was heard again and a Greenfinch flew over.

possible Pill Woodlouse

Oedemera nobilis

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