Thursday, 5 July 2012

Monty's first ever Broomrape!

I was excited to see a Broomrape species on the disused platform at the station this morning. My guess is it might be Ivy Broomrape but because it is inaccessible it's difficult to see any detail or what is growing with it. Still an exciting find after the recent discovery of Common Broomrape on Narroways.
Broomrape species
Also at the station was the first Ringlet of the summer and nearby was a Marmalade Hoverfly.
Last night in the moth trap were about 10 Rush Veneer, a probable Common Marbled Carpet (though it was so worn it was difficult to ID) and what I think must be the micro moth Bryotropha affinis. The larvae of the latter feed on mosses, of which there is plenty in Montpelier.

possible Common Marbled Carpet
Bryotropha affinis
A Blackcap singing in the garden this morning, another on the station.

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