Sunday, 8 July 2012


Spent a couple of hours on Narroways with Jon Mortin from BRERC this morning. Highlights were Meadow Brown 6, Ringlet 8, Marbled White 8, Large Skipper 1, Slow-worm - Jon found an individual on the path near the orchard which may have been shedding its skin. Other stuff: Common Red Soldier Beetles, Thick-thighed Flower Beetles, a 7-spot Ladybird, several Marmalade Hoverflies, an Eristalis hoverfly and an Ichneumon fly. Birds: Chiffchaff near Cutting, Jay and Blackcap at the Ashley Hill end of stony path, Bullfinch calling stony path.
Marbled White and Thick-thighed Flower Beetle
Large Skipper
Meanwhile, Harry saw 6 Marbled Whites in the Church Field along with a Meadow Brown and 2 Six-spot Burnet Moths. On Lynmouth Rd allotments 3 Jays, Red Admiral, Ringlet, Scarlet Tiger Moth not to mention the burgeoning wildlife in his new pond there.

Back in Monty, there was a Sphaerophoria scripta hoverfly at Fairlawn Road along with 3 Ringlets, several Marmalade Hoverflies and a new fly for the patch, Sicus ferrugineus, which apparently parasitise bumblebees. There was a copulating pair.  A Chiffchaff was calling nearby.
Sicus ferrugineus
Sphaerophoria scripta
It was good to see 5 Swifts over the station this lunchtime and there was a Riband Wave moth in the kitchen.
Riband Wave

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