Friday, 12 June 2015


Today on the reserve: Great Spotted Woodpecker calling along stony path, Common Whitethroat  singing across iron bridge, Bullfinch calling across iron bridge, Chiffchaff pair seen well in Simons Grove, juvenile Blackcap at Simons Grove and an adult singing towards Ashley Hill end of stony path, Greenfinch singing at cutting, Wren family along stony path, Long-tailed Tits in community garden, Jay calling and feather seen in Simons Grove.

Marbled White c30 mostly on cutting and church field, dead Tree Bee, lots of honey bees, Ichneumon species, Common Carder Bee, Hoverfies: Myathropa florea, Helophilus pendulus, Syritta pipiens. Shedloads of Thick-thighed Flower-beetles.
Myathropa florea


Jay feather

Marbled White

Myathropa florea

Tree Bee

At St Andrews Park there were lots of Blackbirds including a juvenile bird being fed by parents and an adult female collecting nesting material. The vegetation around the pond produced a Long-jawed Orb Weaver spider and a Merodon equestris hoverfly.
Long-jawed Orb Weaver

Merodon equestris

A moth in my kitchen is giving me ID problems - it is a worn specimen and not at all easy.

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