Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Today on the reserve: Meadow Brown 5, Common Blue 10+, Gatekeeper 2, Speckled Wood 2, Large White 1, a very worn Shaded Broad-bar moth 1 - all on cutting or church field. Holly Blue along stony path.

1 or 2 Chiffchaffs calling (cutting and stony path), mixed flock of Great, Blue, Long-tailed and 1 Coal Tit (stony path). Bullfinch calling (stony path), Jay called near brook.
Hovers: Myathropa florea, Marmalade Fly, Drone Fly Eristalis tenax. At least 3 species of Ichneumon, several Sawfly species. Still lots of Soldier Beetles.

Several Red-tailed Bumblebees and a small mining bee (prob. Lasioglossum species)
Interesting Tachinid fly I've never come across before - identified as Cistogaster globosa - Not common. According to BRERC map only recorded in one grid square and that is Hengrove Park. Nice. Also an Anthomyia fly.

At Fairlawn Road there was a Green-veined White to add to the day's butterfly list.
Common Blue

Meadow Brown

Shaded Broad-bar

Cistogaster globosa


another Ichneumon

Marmalade Fly

Myathropa florea


Speckled Wood

Eristalis tenax

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