Friday, 28 August 2015


Today on the reserve: a Sparrowhawk over Lynmouth Road allotments and a Buzzard low over Church field mobbed by crows, Chiffchaff calling Simon's Grove and Coal Tit singing. Jays at Simon's Grove/stony path.

Common Blue butterfly 5, Speckled Wood 4.

My first ever Nettle Groundbug at Lynmouth Road, also several Green Shieldbugs and a nice Ichneumon there.
Nettle Groundbug


At least 1 Coelioxys bee on Canadian Goldenrod on the hill, also a Sawfly sp. and Eristalis tenax and a Myathropa florea hoverfly there. Other hoverflies included a Cheilosia sp (cutting) and a Syrphus sp. (Simon's Grove). Lots of Hoary Plantain growing on the cutting.
Cheilosia hoverfly

Coelioxys bee
Hoary Plantain

A Green Shieldbug was walking around outside the front door at lunchtime and in when I got into the flat there was a Tachystola acroxantha moth sat on the wall of the communal hallway. This attractive little micro-moth originally came from Australia in the early years of the twentieth century, arriving in Devon probably among imported plants.
Tachystola acroxantha

Yesterday in the kitchen I saw a tiny spider. It looks like it might possibly be a young Pseudeuophrys lanigera spiderling - one of the jumping spiders, although it didn't jump when I caught it! It is usually associated with walls and roofs of buildings.
Possible Pseudeuophrys lanigera


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