Thursday, 10 September 2015

St Pauls Cemetery and Montpelier Station

A few insects enjoying the sunshine in the cemetery this afternoon, including a Dock Leaf Bug, a Green Shieldbug nymph, a Flesh Fly, lots of Honey Bees and small mining bees (possibly Lassioglossum spp.) and a Field Grasshopper. A Grey Squirrel was also seen but surprisingly no birds!

Dock Leaf Bug

Field Grasshopper

Green Shieldbug

Montpelier Station produced 2 Jays and a Red-legged Shieldbug - my first this year I think. Michaelmas Daisies were still in flower nearby.
Michaelmas Daisies

Red-legged Shieldbug

A Coal Tit has been seen on the neighbour's seed-feeder in the last few days.

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