Friday, 11 September 2015


Today on the reserve: Mixed party of Great, Blue and Long-tailed Tits (Lynmouth Rd), Chiffchaff (cutting), 2+ Jays (stony path).

A Chrysolina sp. beetle in Church Field - possibly C. banksi but that would be a first for Avon!

Hovers - abundant Syrphus sp., 1 Myathropa florea, 2 or 3 Eristalis pertinax, a couple of Melanostoma sp.

Dark Bush Cricket (stony path), Field Grasshopper (hill), Green Shieldbug (stony path).
Garden Spider, an Anthomyia sp. fly, possible Nyctia halterata fly, Flesh Fly.  Lots of Honey Bees. Mystery caterpillar will have to get ID for.
Dark Bush Cricket


Garden Spider and lunch


possible Nyctia halterata

At Fairlawn Road it was great to see one of my fave hoverflies, Ferdinandea cuprea. Don't think I've had them on the patch before.
Ferdinandea cuprea

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