Saturday, 19 September 2015


A (mainly botanical) walk around the reserve this morning led by Rupert Higgins produced the following invertebrates and birds:

Nut Leaf Blister Moth Phyllonorycter coryli (mine on Hazel), Red-legged Shieldbug, Bishop's Mitre (bug), Stigmella aurella moth (mine on Bramble), Banded Snail, Common Blue butterfly, Long-winged Conehead, Common Carder Bee, Lyonetia clerkella (mine on fruit tree leaf), Cranefly (Tipula sp.), Nettle Ground Bug, Dock Leaf Bug, Green Shieldbug, Old Lady moth (dead).
Stigmella aurella mine

Birds heard and seen: Mistle Thrush, Jackdaw, Jay, Magpie, Robin, Great Tit.

In St Andrews Park, the roof of one of the huts in the park-keeper's depot had a shallow puddle on it, and in 15 minutes it was visited by a Chiffchaff, a couple of Blackbirds, a Great Tit, a Blue Tit and a juvenile Goldfinch! Also seen was a Rose Chafer, a Green Shieldbug, a Cranefly and a Speckled Wood butterfly.

Speckled Wood
Chiffchaff and Blackbird

Fairlawn Road produced a calling Chiffchaff. Insects included an Epistrophe grossulariae hoverfly plus another hover that is presumably a Cheilosia sp. and a small mining bee. A Nursery Web Spider was also nearby.
Presumed Cheilosia species

Epistrophe grossulariae

Mining bee

Nursery-web Spider

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