Saturday, 27 August 2016

Birds on the move!

Evidence of birds moving through Montpelier this morning was provided by a Blackcap which called briefly then flew between the trees and a calling Chiffchaff, both at the station. Also a singing Great Tit and Coal Tit and a Jay. Strangely, a Blackbird sang briefly - unusual at this time of year. Nearby a Garden Spider and an Eristalis hoverfly together with a Large White butterfly and a Cluster Fly.

Large White

Cluster Fly

At St Andrews Park there were several Green Shieldbugs, a Groundbug species (possibly Nettle Groundbug?) and a Leaf-cutter Bee. A Juvenile Blackbird was a surprise - obviously from a late brood - and a couple of Jays were flying around.
Juvenile Blackbird

Leaf-cutter Bee

Green Shieldbug

Groundbug sp.
Yesterday a Sparrowhawk landed briefly on the roof of the neighbours opposite but it didn't stay to be photographed.

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