Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Montpelier Park

Every year the Horse Chestnut trees in Montpelier Park get a right old battering from this pesky critter, the Horse Chestnut Miner moth Cameraria ohridella . It was first observed in Macedonia, in northern Greece, in 1985 and the first time it was recorded in the UK was in 2002 in Wimbledon of all places. Now it has spread throughout England and into Scotland. Studies are ongoing to assess just how serious this tiny moth is proving to be to our Horse Chestnuts. I took these photos this morning in the park - there are absolutely swarms of the little buggers - they are very attractive when you get a close look at them, but they make a right old mess of the leaves.
Horse Chestnut Miner

Juvenile Woodpigeon

Also in the park were a couple of juvenile Woodpigeons in what looked like a family group.

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