Friday, 17 March 2017

Narroways and St Andrews Park!

Bumped into Harry on my way to Narroways this morning and he showed me an active Long-tailed Tit nest with both parents in attendance. He also showed me the Raven's nest which was later visited by both parents and I saw some tumbling display flight over the church field - lovely stuff. Also a pair of Grey Wagtails and a pair of Goldcrests plus a singing Blackcap and twittering Greenfinches - an increasingly uncommon sound these days! Blackthorn was coming into flower in several places.

Raven nest


Goldfinch and Coal Tit showed well at Fairlawn Road.

Not much to report at St Andrews Park other than a couple of Herring Gulls, a few Goldfinches and a singing Coal Tit. A Melanostoma hoverfly was near the pond.
Herring Gull

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