Sunday, 30 September 2012


Today on Narroways there was a dead Frog or Toad on the path going over the Church Field - on its back - I was too queasy about turning it over to ID it.

Three Swallows flying SE over the Church field, a Grey Wagtail on the brook, 7 Starlings on the church tower, a Coal Tit near the brook and a Grey Heron over the hill.

The only insect I saw was a Myathropa florea hoverfly.
Grey Heron
In St Andrews Park there was a calling Goldcrest, a juvenile Woodpigeon and 4 Blackbirds, one of which showed signs of a heavy moult!
Juvenile Woodpigeon
Some nice autumn colour from the Guelder-rose in Hurlingham Road and a Coal Tit calling nearby in Balmoral Road.
Not much at Montpelier Station today - just a Blackbird and a Grey Squirrel on the feeders. Nearby, a Jay flew over the flat this afternoon.

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