Sunday, 2 September 2012

St Andrews Park Treecreeper treat!

I had a quick look around St Andrews Park on the way to the shops this afternoon and was amazed to find a Treecreeper near the park-keeper's compound. This is a rare bird in urban Bristol and I can only assume it was a migrant. Amazing. Nearby was a Chiffchaff which called and showed briefly, and a hirundine (either Swallow or House Martin) passed overhead. A juvenile Blackbird, still being fed by its parent, was another surprise. Great Tit, Robin and Dunnock completed an impressive avian cast. Invertebrates included a Drone Fly Eristalis pertinax, a Green Shieldbug and a Garden Spider.


Garden Spider
Juvenile Blackbird
Montpelier Station the only notable sightings were of 3 Large White butterflies, a Honey Bee and a White-tailed Bumble Bee.

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  1. Yeah - treecreepers are always a nice bird to spot. Nuthatches seem to have overtaken them in numbers (not that you see them very often near urban areas either)