Saturday, 8 September 2012


It was the annual hay cut today and we found a huge Common Toad up on Church Field. A single Jackdaw flew over and there was a scruffy Silver Y moth plus lots of Helophilus and Eristalis hoverflies.
Common Toad

At Fairlawn Road a Red Admiral was nectaring on Buddleia and there were lots of hoverflies as noted on Narroways. A pair of Garden Spiders were courting I think, the (presumed) male gingerly waving his front leg towards the female who sprang at him and forced him to withdraw. A Chiffchaff was calling nearby.

Red Admiral

Garden Spiders
A party of 8 Starlings were sat on the roofs of houses in St Andrews Road - the first Starlings I've seen for a month or two.

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