Saturday, 11 July 2015

Narroways Moth night!

Harry kindly allowed me to trap on his allotment last night, and this morning's haul included the following species:
Brown-line Bright-eye
Scalloped Oak

Small Magpie
White Plume
Plume sp.
Heart and Dart
Riband Wave
Lime-speck Pug
Common Wainscot
Large Yellow Underwing
Dark Arches
Mottled Beauty
Garden Carpet
A Crambidae
species (micro moth)

Lime-speck Pug

Mottled Beauty

Not bad at all! Nearby was a Speckled Bush-cricket, a Jay, a Skipper species and a family of Robins.

There were several Cinnabar Moth caterpillars on Ragwort plants along Fairlawn Road. In the flat this evening there was a Common Footman moth which must have been  attracted to my trap a couple of days ago but which escaped my notice. This is a new record for the patch/my flat!
Cinnabar Moth larva

Common Footman

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