Friday, 10 July 2015


Today on the reserve: 1 female Great Spotted Woodpecker sat briefly on a tree trunk. 1 female Sparrowhawk (low over cutting), a Chiffchaff singing over iron bridge, several parties of Long-tailed tits around, mainly Simons Grove.

Butterflies: 2 Gatekeepers, 30+ Meadow Browns, 10 Marbled Whites, 20 Ringlet, 1 Common Blue, 15 Small/Essex Skipper, 2 Speckled Wood.

1 Xylota segnis hoverfly. Lots of Red-tailed Bumblebees, lots of Buff-tailed/White-tailed Bumblebees, lots of Honey Bees, 3 Leaf-cutter Bees.
Xylota segnis

Tons of Soldier Beetles, 1 Lots of Thick-thighed Flower-beetles.
1 or 2 Narrow-bordered 5-Spot Burnet moths and a couple of Long-horned Moths.
1 Crab Spider Misumena vatia.
Long-horned moth

Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet moth

I saw a beetle run across a path and an expert on Facebook thinks it might be Silpha laevigata. This would be the first record for Avon if accepted! Very exciting!
Silpha laevigata

On my way to Narroways, a Raven flew over Fairlawn Road.

Last night I set up my moth trap near the window and had loads of stuff in there this morning including several Bright-line Brown-eyes, a few Riband Wave, 5 Uncertain/Rustic, lots of Dark Arches, a Flame, 3 Heart and Dart, a Double-striped Pug, a Willow Beauty, a mystery Pug species and a Small Magpie. A couple of micros also, one of which was rather attractive and might be an Acrobasis species.
Bright-line Brown-eye

Small Magpie

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