Wednesday, 1 July 2015

St Andrews Park

Last night I took my moth trap to the pond area to see what I could catch. There were several micro-moths but the only macro was a Heart and Dart in the hour I was trapping. A Caddisfly, possibly Mystacides longicornis  was also caught. Given longer, the park could produce some interesting stuff so I will experiment further. Several Common Frogs and Common Toads were seen and also 3 or 4 bats, but as I didn't have my bat detector on me I couldn't hazard an identification although they looked like Pipistrelles at one stage it looked like two of them were having a bit of a dog-fight! Meanwhile, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter was impressive.
Heart and Dart

Mystacides longicornis 

Common Toad

Moth trap in action

Venus and Jupiter

At the station this morning was a Meadow Brown and a Large Skipper. Evening-primroses were in flower.

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